Stephen King… Such A Prolific Horror Writer, That Movies Based On His Novels Are Now Being Remade!

This guy rocks!

Stephen King man… I know alot of people are almost tired of hearing about the guy… I don’t know if that is a good thing or not… But the truth is, is this guys has come out with so much awesomeness… That is almost hard not to talk about him!

And so, I wanted to bring up an interesting thing about Mr. King…  One thing I have begun to notice more and more, is that his books are so good that they are not only being made in to movies (and at this point it is pretty safe to say that most of his books have been made in to movies, including: It, The Stand, Cujo, Children Of The Corn (A movie that is actually based on a short story that he wrote for a book of short stories!))

Now not only are all his books being made in to movies, but are now being remade!

I first started to notice this trend about a few years ago with the release of the remake of the movie, Children Of The Corn (2009)!

Children Of The Corn in 2009 was remade from the 1984 movie!

Now honestly I didn’t watch the whole movie… But from what I could tell, it had a ton of fluff… As a TV Movie it had a lot of the better TV talent, but not a ton of substance… But this next one that I am mentioning that I think could actually be pretty good is the upcoming remake of the movie based on the Stephen King novel, ‘It’!

The original movie was great! It had a fun story, a great cast of late 80s/early 90s talent, including: Jonathan Brandis (Sidekicks), John Ritter (Bride Of Chucky) & Seth Green (Buffy The Vampire Slayer), and great special effects!

But this movie looks really promising!  I don’t really know most of the actors, but I have seen the trailer… And the movie does look fun! As a matter of fact, if this is as good as I think the next batch of Stephen King remakes could be quite good! For more information, check out this trailer!