Stories From Behind, ‘Frankenstein’ With Boris Karloff!

Actor Boris Karloff (The Crimson Cult)… There are very people in the world who have left such an amazing and prolific mark on the history of motion picture cinema like that guy has!  I mean when Channing Tatum (21 Jumpstreet) is going or, Chris Pratt (Marvel’s Guardian’s Of The Galaxy) are gone… The works of Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi (White Zombie) and all the other people who had a hand in making the Universal monsters one of the worlds oldest, yet most prolific movies of all time!

Now for those of you who don’t know who this master of horror is… Boris Karloff is a horror movie actor, whom one could say was one of the original horror movie villains, that led the way to the modern tragic horror movie villains, like, ‘Michael Myers’ of, ‘Halloween’ fame, or, ‘Norman Bates’ of, ‘Psycho’ fame… Or even, ‘Jason Voorhees’ of, ‘Friday The 13th Fame’!

Well in my travels across the internet, I came across this interview that Mr. Karloff did in 1957, that gave a fascinating insight in to Frankenstein (1931)!