Street Fighter 2010 (1990) – Video Game Review

A game unlike what it was billed as!

I had a lot of fun being able to review the various Street Fighter 2 video games that have come out over the years. Of course there is alot of them, and they were a whole ton of fun for their time. The whole franchise though was something of a mess when it came to sequels. As a matter of fact one version of this game that was billed in America as a sequel in the original series actuslly wasn’t!

What I mean by this is this… So before Street Fighter 2 actually came out… There was a Street Fighter game that was billed as the futurisitc sci-fi sequel to the original, ‘Street Fighter’ video game… The truth is, is this game was only billed like that in America… It is true that this game has a blonde haired martial artist who is named, ‘Ken’, but in the Japanese version of this game his name is actually, ‘Kevin’. This game being Street Fighter 2010 (1990)!

Despite not being a part of the Street Fighter franchise, this game is pretty awesome!

Despite the fact that this game actually was not created as the sequel to the original franchise, this game is a ton of fun… You see you play as a human who in the future that is going from one planet to another in an effort to avenge the death of his friend and co-worker… Little does he realize the adventure he is embarking on!

This game is something else. It was pretty revolutionary. It had great graphics, a fun game play, and great sound effects! Think, ‘Street Fighter 2’ meets, ‘Doom‘… If you loved those games, then you are guarenteed to love this game! So check it out! I think you are really going to like it!