Super Mario Bros. 3 (1988) – Video Game Review

Official Score = 4 Devils
Official Score = 4 Devils

I am gonna call it… I think that Super Mario Bros. maybe the most prolific video game to have ever come out in the history of video games!

Don’t get me wrong, there are certainly a lot of truly awesome video games out there, but this game… Which believe it or not, since, ‘The first Mario game’ actually came out for the. ‘Atari 26000’, and was just simply called, ‘Mario Bros.’

This video game series has not only catapulted, ‘Nintendo’ and all of it’s home video game consoles in to the stratosphere… And when all of Nintendo’s competitors either went out of business, or stopped making video game system, since Nintendo started in the video game market (with the exception of Sony’s ‘Playstation series’ or Microsoft’s ‘Xbox series’… But let’s be honest here, both companies as far as video games go, are relatively recent arrivals, and shouldn’t count.)

Well regardless, with Nintendo having maintained it’s status as a major player in the world of video games, thanks to the, ‘Mario Bros.’, it is no wonder that when a lot of people think of video games, they think about, ‘Super Mario Bros.’

Now where as I believe that the first, ‘Super Mario Bros.’ is probably the most prolific, I have to say that Super Mario Bros. 3 (1988), is probably my favorite!

Super Mario Bros. 3 1
Mario going through one of the levels in Super Mario Bros. 3!

The reason for this is simple… This game, which has been seeing various releases on various video game platforms since the late 80s, and all the way up to the present… A video game which tells the story about how Bowser, his children and their Koopatroopa army invade the Mushroom Kingdom and stole the wands of the various King’s and using them to turn them in to animals, are one of the most inventive of the series to date!

Don’t get me wrong, each Mario game in it’s own right brings something to the table that just makes things better, but I found that I really liked the fact that Mario and Luigi can find various suits that give them special powers that most of the time looks like animals, (I especially like the, ‘racoon’ suit’!

But besides tha I also found that I really liked the fact that they also had the classics super power getting power ups (including the, ‘flower’ that lets you shoot fire, or the, ‘star’ that kills any enemy that you touch.)

Mario with one original power, and is about to grab the, ‘Flower Power’ in Super Mario Bros. 3!

Also I like the fact that this video game was the first video game to introduce a world map for each of the, ‘zones’ that you have to work your way through… It is fun, and it gives you some choices as to which level you do or don’t want to play through!

The last thing that I wanted to mention here… And this may seem silly, but there are some extra games that you can play while going through the game that if you win can help you as you make your way through the game (or drive you nuts if you loose often enough!)

In the end, I have to tip my hat to the team that made this job, they did a fantastic job, and well… If by some stroke of a lack of luck, you ended up not trying this game… Do so, I doubt you will regret… I know that I don’t!