Super Mario World (1990) – Video Game Review

Super Mario World… One of the better Super NES video games!

Ok, so Super Mario Bros… Now Super Mario Bros really is the quintessential video game… I mean these two famous pizza eating plumbers have been entertaining people of all sorts of ages for several decades now… Really generations as this point!

And you know what? With technology getting better and better, the video games are getting more and more interesting! And Super Mario World is certainly one of the better ones!

This video game, which was released by Nintendo for the updated NES system, the, ‘Super Nintendo’/’Super Fammicom’, was the second major departure from the more exclusively side scrolling race from one course to the next…

Mario making his way through the next video game!

Although it is true that there is a certain direction that you are always kind of required to go to in the game… Super Mario World was one of the first Mario games to include an RPG style feel with you being able to choose some of the levels and some of the directions that you can take toward beating the video game!

Another thing that was pretty cool about this game, is that this game was the first to introduce, ‘Yoshi’… A dinosaur companion that is also used to move around in the game!

Now personally, this game is a blast… Don’t get me wrong, the previous games were fun as hell (as a matter of fact, I have recently beaten the first three NES, ‘Mario’ games, but Super Mario World… This game is a blast! It is a long one, but if you have a chance to play it… Do so, both fans and people being introduced to the series will really enjoy this game! I like it, and I really do think you will find this game to be rather enjoyable as well!