Superman & The DC Multiverse!

Superman/Clark Kent/Kal-El… Whatever you want to call him, and all of his many names… In this case I will call him, ‘Superman’… Superman, the man-of-steel has been for over 80 years, fighting for truth justice, and the American way… Mom and Apple Pie and all that.

His exploits are frequently quite entertaining, rather they be in comic book form, or tv form, or even in movie form… But they generally tend to give the same basic concept of, ‘Superman’… But with the release of the, ‘multiverse’ in the DC universe… We have been able to see the various ways things could be different for both villains and heroes!

I have seen the movie where Superman’s father was not, ‘Jor-El’ but actually, ‘Zod’… I have seen a movie where Superman as, ‘Overman’ was running a crime syndicate on an Earth where the Justice League were all apart of Overman’s, ‘Injustice League’.

And then there is one that I thought that I would talk about here…  The world where Superman goes crazy and becomes a despot who tries to take over the Earth, with the help of some of the usual Justice Leaguers!

Now this is one that is of particular interest, is because I happen to be reading the comic right now…  But it is pretty awesome! What I mean by this, (and this storyline was either inspired by the Injustice video game, or vice-versa… But it is a great story!

What I mean by this is that in this world, Superman is dosed with a checmical that make him see Joker in his pregnant wife, (Lois Lane.)  Now when Superman misses his opportunity to save Metropolis, and then kills Lois and their kid, (this is while he is under the control of the gas that makes him see her as, ‘The Joker’.) He goes crazy and kills the joker by punching a hole straight through his chest!

After that, Superman goes on a campaign to take over the planet and force it under his control, and under the fear he creates! Ultimately he fails and Superman is captured… And that is where I have come in to the start of my current series that I am reading… (For more information, click here:)

The multiverse in the actually stories are pretty amusing, and if you get a chance, I highly recommend checking some of them out… They are truly a ton of fun!