Tesseract: Orbital (2018) – Song Review

So one of the great things about reviewing the horror and science fiction genres and all of their sub-genres and associated genres is that you get to try new things! Sometimes this works really well… Sometimes not so well… Well that is the spice of life, am I right?

Alright, well in this case, one of the new bands I am just starting to dive in to, that so far I do enjoy pretty well is, ‘Tesseract’, and one of their first songs that I am glad to be reviewing here is a review for the song, ‘Orbital’ from their latest album, ‘Sonder’!

Now again, I really don’t know much about this band, so I will say this, so far this song has a very different metal sounding tone… All I can say, is that I think this is almost the science fiction of the heavy metal genre.

I did enjoy it, but the truth is, is this song is to short, and by the time I was really starting to get in to it, this song was already almost over!  This leads in to the next problem… It is good, but it is so short that I can’t really say that this song is one that you can leave on for background music!

But give it a try, it is certainly a song that is a good introduction to the band itself!

And if you liked that, then you are certainly going to enjoy the lyrics to this song!

I can’t be farther away from endless light
One voice in the light
Silence and clarity, obvious destiny
One heart, one mind