The Animated MCU Versus The Old MCU

The Incredible Hulk both live and animated… Who is better?

So believe it or not, before the MCU as we know it, with the Avengers, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Ant-Man and all of the many different groups and individual awesome movies that we all know and love, there was a sort of MCU on TV that most people don’t really realize, or think about!

During this time, most of what was on TV is the, ‘Avengers’, including TV series such as, ‘The Incredible Hulk’ with: Lou Ferrigno (Pumping Iron) & Bill Bixby (My Favorite Martian). The Iron Man a TV series in the 1970s as well as so much more!

Now we have not seen an independent live action TV series for any of the Marvel series in a long time…. But one thing that we have seen a lot of in recent years, and I have to say that is pretty awesome, is an animated MCU coming about! Including shows like: Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Ultimate Spider-Man and so much more!

Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors is one of the many great latest animated marvel TV series!

Which one is better? That is a tough one, because honestly there are a ton of people that like older shows and some that don’t, alot of people don’t really tend to like animation… And so I am going to say what I think maybe better… That is the old MCU!

The original TV shows based on the Marvel characters I think are better because they are different… What I mean is that where as the animated MCU is great… It really does have a lot to do with the movies and that is cool… But the original indivudal TV series really did show their differences and I have to say that I really liked it… And still do!

Now as far as the animated series, it is good, but the old TV series, they are great… Check them out, I think that you are really going to like it!