The Big Bopper: White Lightening (1959) – Song Review

A classic song from a great musician!

The Big Bopper… His story is quite tragic…. You see in the late 1950s he, Buddy Holly and  Ritchie Valens all ended up dying in a plane crash… He died at a time when his career was really taking off, with such amazing songs as, ‘Chantilly Lace’ and, ‘White Lightening’!

And so it gives me great pleasure to bring this forgotten classic back to life with the review for the classic song, ‘White Lightening’ from the 1959 classic, ‘White Lightening And Other Favorites’!

The Big Bopper doing, ‘White Lightening Live’!

What makes this song so great you ask… Ok for me to answer this, first off let me say this… The Big Bopper, his musical style to me is a cookie style of almost, ‘Monster Mash’ style music… Can be kind of creepy, but instead is energetic and just fun… And I don’t know much about his music yet, except to say that so far I really like it! And this song, which he gave a sort of a country feel… Well I am not a fan of country, but I do like this song!

So if you are looking for something nostalgic and fun, check this song out! It is well worth it!