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The Captain’s Table: Patrick Stewart’s Return To Star Trek

Picard’s coming back soon!

So for most trekkie’s out there over the age of about, ‘20’…. We alll kind of grew up with the question that has kind of haunted us all… Kirk or Picard… Who is better?

I am just kidding… But it was a legitimate debate for decades… In my opinion, both are the two greatest Captain’s in what would so far be two out of the 3 greatest Star Trek series!

Now before I continue, I will say this… I know this is not exactly a blog about a movie… (In the previous incarnation of Hellinspace I did review and blog about TV shows… And I may get back to it… But for now I am thinking I am going to keep it mostly relegated to movies…)

With that said though… Considering the last time we saw Captain Picard in basically anything was in a movie, and the last time I saw Patrick Stewart (Spark: A Space Tale) was in the movie, Logan (2018)… I figure this is pretty appropriate!

Patrick Stewart with Hugh Jackman (The Greatest Showman) in Marvel’s, ‘Logan’!

And so with that said, I wanted to talk about Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Federation Starship Enterprise’s return to the world of Star Trek!

Ok, so for a little bit of informtion about Captain Picard and the character’s role in Star Trek… So Patrck Stewart… The man who played the character for two decades, played the role on the TV series, ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’.

This series would be the first Star Trek series to be on TV since Star Trek: The Animated Series aired on TV in the mid 1970s… And when the original Star Trek series was ready to be retired, would become the only series to be making movies…

The cast of: Star Trek: The Next Generation!

Well, with that said after almost two decades sitting in the Captain’s chair, Patrick Stewart… Along with the rest of the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation had retired from Star Trek after the total garbage that was created in the film, Star Trek: Nemesis (2002)!

As a matter of fact, it was said that the movie was so bad, that the cast would literally never make another Star Trek movie again…

Well they maybe right… I certainly hope not… But, even if they are right, at the very least… We will be able to get the Captain back on to the small screen in a new series!

Patrick Stewart putting on the season 1 uniform from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Well… not much is really known about the new series at this time… But one can speculate the possiblities… About the only thing I know about the series outside of the fact that Patrick Stewart is coming back… Is that the new series is supposed to take place in the universe that was created pre-reboot…

So considering the possilibities… The returning cast memebers from not just his series, but any of the other spinoff series that made Star Trek great… Well the possiblities are endless!

Until then enjoy these videos (including a speculated video for the new series… Fan made… But still, gives an idea!)

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