The Crazies (1973) – Movie Reiew

You know when you get to this point that you are in trouble!

You know when you get to this point that you are in trouble!

Now I have been in to the awesome work that is George A. Romero’s prolific zombie series since I was in High School back in the mid 1990s! That work is awesome! The special effects are amazing, the story is always a ton of fun, the acting is top drawer, and the Zombies in these films are truly disturbing!

But you know what finally ties in with all of this stuff to make a great zombie film? The vision that George A. Romero has had for the various stages of civilizations collapse, and the seeming inability for the authorities to really do anything about it!

But you know the one thing that I never really did till the last few years is get to watch some of his non-zombie work, and I have to say that I actually am pretty impressed with it… His vision for, Martin (1977) was great, and The Crazies  (1973) was even better!

The movie poster for, 'The Crazies' (1973)

The movie poster for, ‘The Crazies (1973)’!

Written by: Paul McCollough (Flesheater), based on the script by George A. Romero (Dawn Of The Dead) & Directed by George A. Romero. Starring: Lane Carroll (Hercules In New York), Will MacMillan (Salvador), Harold Wayne Jones (Knightriders), Lloyd Hollar (Kiss Of Death), Lynn Lowry (Cat People), Richard Liberty (Flight Of The Navigator) & Richard France (Dawn Of The Dead).

“They’re sending a new man from the Trixie project to take over as Dr. Watts’ replacement. He should be here in the morning. If only we knew what Watts was working on. We checked the slides he left behind in his microscope and his notes, but we can’t make heads or tails out of any of it. He was onto something, we know that. We’ll dope it out sooner or later.” – A quote from the movie, The Crazies (1973).

Ok, so this awesome story tells the tale of how a plane carrying, ‘Trixie’ over a Pennsylvania town crash lands in the mountains just north of the town… And when Trixie gets in to the water supply, people start going insane!

She is definitely not your normal Grandma!

She is definitely not your normal Grandma!

You see, Trixie is meant as a chemical weapon, that was developed for the military to help ensure that the enemy goes insane and kills themselves… Well it worked, just not the way the military had planned!

Your see, in this case Trixie did work, the problem is that instead of it being against the enemy, it was accidentally poured in to the poor town of, ‘Evans’ PA, and now it will be up the military to stop it before it goes to far out of the quarantine zone and infects the rest of the country! And it will be up to a man, his best friend, his girl friend, and some people that he meets along the way to escape, before the military or, ‘The Crazies’ get them!

Now this is an awesome movie! I mean I suspect atleast part of this movie was the inspiration for the movie, Outbreak (1995), atleast in regards to a quarantined small town… This movie also inspired it’s own remake with Timothy Olyphant (Scream 2).

But what makes this movie great is the fact that it is a, ‘B’ Movie in every sense of the word… It is was made on the cheap,  with a script that bares that fact, special effects as well… Yet is so much fun, that I got to see it on the big screen and will soon enough be getting it on the small screen!