The Dark Half (1989) – Stephen King – #Book #Review

An image from the movie.

An image from the movie.

You know, Stephen King truly is a great author…  He truly is, there is not a lot of the masters of horror out there that can write like Stephen King can, (there are a ton of great written works by true, ‘masters’ out there… But Stephen King… At least when it comes to horror novels maybe one of the best.)

With that said though, at this point I think it is fairly safe to say that the majority of his works, ‘if not all of them,’ have been turned in to movies, ‘with some of those movies being remade.’

Well the reason that I mention this is the fact that one of the first movies I ever saw of his was a movie that I truly love, but I would later find out was better in book form… A movie starring: Timothy Hutton (Secret Window) That movie being, a The Dark Half (1993)!

The Dark Half... A great movie, an even better book!

The Dark Half… A great movie, an even better book!

Well this isn’t a review for the movie, I will get in to it, but later… Anyway as for the novel, this novel tells the story of a writer, a writer whom for whatever reason only seemed to be able to write well under the name, ‘George Stark’.

But when he decides to put George Stark in the grave, something strange starts to happen! You see, murders seem to start happening around him that seem to be straight out of a, ‘Geotrge Stark’ novel!

Is some one out to get him? Or has some one more insidious, and closer to him been committing these murders is it, well… A Dead Name?

All I can say is that this is a pretty apt description!

All I can say is that this is a pretty apt description!


Anyway, the movie was good, but the book was so much more engrossing… I mean besides the gruesome nature of the novel itself, Stephen King weaves you through this suspense filled maze that you just can’t help but stay entranced with!

If you haven’t read this one yet… Read it… But let it be known, you may not be able to put this one down, no matter how hard you try!