The Family Of Steel Work Together On The CW! – Sci-Fi On The Small Screen

A great team up… The, ‘Man Of Steel’ with the, ‘Girl Of Steel’!

Ok, so if you are like me, then you freaking love the Arrowverse and the amazing working that DC is doing on the small screen! I mean Arrow is amazing, The Legends Of Tomorrow are pretty amazing as well… And honestly, The Flash maybe a personal fav of mine… Followed very closesly by the Girl of Steel’s freshman TV series, ‘Supergirl’.

Since the show came on the air, we have seen a ton of the Superman mythos come about, including: Lex Luthor’s mother and sister, Lois Lane’s sister, and even what happened to Jimmy Olsen… But until this most recent season, the only thing that we have seen of Superman is images of the man of steel, but with out any context as to who he actually is!

That is until the start of season 2 of course!

The family of steel finally working together!

You see, in the beginning of the second season Superman (who is played by: Tyler Hoechlin) not only shows up to help the girl of steel, but the family of steel actually get to work together for a couple of episodes… And I have to say that it is pretty awesome!

I mean getting the chance to finally see Superman enter the world of the Arrowverse, and especially to Supergirl gives an element that the series did a great job making you ache to have Superman on the show! But for us Justice League fans who are hopping that DC will get it right on the small screen in the way that they don’t seem to on the big screen… Maybe they can make the Justice League it’s own independent series and cancel it for the big screen! A nice thought…

Eitherway, Tyler Hoechlin did such a good job as the, ‘Man Of Steel’ that I am hopping that the CW gives him his own show! I mean there hasn’t been a legit live action Superman TV series since Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman, in the early 90s… And we are about due!