The First Music Video Ever Played On MTV!

Well, I suspect that most people probably recognize MTV now more for its contributions to making reality TV what it is today… But believe it or not, MTV, before creating stupid shows like, ‘Road Rules’ and, ‘Real World’… And going down hill fast from there… They actually played music videos!

That’s right folks… I mean who would have thought that a TV station called, ‘Music TV’ would actually play music videos? And there was a time when they played some really good stuff to!

With that in mind I thought that I would show you the first music video that MTV ever played… Believe it or not, this was several decades ago now… But they played the classic Buggles song, ‘Video killed the radio star’ back in 1979!

Now if you don’t know much about them… I highly recommend checking this song out… It is a pretty fun classic song and honestly a pretty solid music video considering that first aired almost 40 years…  So enjoy!