The Flash Rebirth #1 (2009) – Comic Book Review

A great series, with a great season coming up!

A great series, with a great season coming up!

Ok, so who is with me in saying that they can’t wait till the next season of, ‘The Flash’ comes back on TV, I mean this show… It seems like no matter what they do with it, it just seems to continuously be getting better and better!

With that said though, until then, I decided to do something that I have not, and decided to dive in to the original comic book series of the series, and I have to admit that I am pretty pleased with what I have been able to get to thus far!

I am talking about the first issue of the Flash: Rebirth (2009) series!


Considering this is the first time I have dived in to this series… I have to say that I am pretty please with what I have gotten out of it!

Written by: Geoff Johns and inked by: Ethan Van Sciver, this series which ran for six issues between April 2009 and Feb 2010, started off with the story of how Barry Allen, (So far from what I can tell, Barry seems to be the legend that kind of brought all the other speedsters together,) got out of the speed force!

Now during this time those that know and love him are planning these massive events for him, including: ‘The Teen Titans’, ‘The Justice Society Of America’ and, ‘The Flash Family’!

Well in this case, not everyone is as thrilled to see him, Bart is not thrilled, Jay Garrick is wondering what all of the hoopla is all about… But the strangest thing is, is that Barry seems not only disinterested in re-connecting with his group, but actually seems to be side tracked by the feeling that he is being pulled back in to the speed force!

During this time, a couple of kids in the mid-west discover the remains of, ‘Dark-Flash’… And when Barry puts his suit on, he discovers that Savitar… (An evil speedster) has some how escaped from the speed force as well, and as Barry chases him, events start unfolding that are sure to create an awesome series!

In the end, this is the first ever, ‘Flash’ comic I have ever read, and I have to say that I was pretty pleased with it over all… I got to see the Flash in the DC universe in the way it was originally intended, and it was not just great fun, but even though this issue didn’t have a ton of action connected with it… I suspect that the following issues are going to be edge of your seat stuff!

So check it out, I think you might find it to be well worth it!