The Flash Vol 5 Issue #1 (2016) – Comic Book Review

Ok, so I have to say that I am a huge fan of DC, as a matter of fact, it is pretty safe to say that I have been a fan of DC comics and their various franchises since before I became a fan of Marvels work!

Now it is true that the DCEU has really pretty much tanked… I mean don’t get me wrong… There is definitely some good aspects to it… But when you have an animated movie and TV franchises that are still for the most part doing well, and various live action DC universes growing on TV… It is pretty odd that what is supposed to be supreme (movies) would be just sort of… well… Ok…

Never-the-less, the one series that I am starting to dive in to heavily, and it is something that I have enjoyed periodically when I was a kid, and am getting back in to as an adult is the, ‘comics’!

And this particular comic is pretty cool because it is the second in a franchise that I personally think maybe one of the best of the TV franchises, and so far I am pretty impressed with in the comic book form… And that is, ‘The Flash’! And this first issue of the run that started in 2016 is pretty awesome!

You, see this latest comic, which as it turns out is part of the DC Rebirth run, is the story of how the, ‘Flash’ became the Flash, the lightening that struck him and turned him… And the investigation of his mother’s murder! And his friends, ‘Iris West’ and her, ‘nephew’, ‘Wally West’.

And another great thing about this issue is that it also tells the story of how a friend of Barry’s gets his powers as well!

Honestly, the one thing I don’t really like about reading these comics is the fact that alot of times, these first issues leave you on a cliff hanger… But either way I have a feeling that this is going to be a good one!

But being a fan of the TV series, one of the things I do like reading about in this comic is the difference between the comic and the TV series, a good example is the differences with Iris and Wally. First off, in the TV show, they are brother and sister and not niece and nephew.

And in the TV series, Barry and Iris are married… now I am not trying to nit pick, but I enjoy the differences, in a comic book universe that is marked by its multi-verse mentality, I have to say that it is pretty fun seeing the differences in these universes!