The Forgotten Mario Game – Video Game Video

Ok, so most people recognize the original Super Mario Bros. video game for the NES… It is a pretty awesome game that started off a franchise that is to this day considered to be one of the biggest video game franchises of all time!

And where as most people generally tend to think of that as one of the first of the, ‘Mario’ games to be released… It isn’t!  As matter of fact, Super Mario Bros. is not only not the first of the Mario games to be released, but the NES is not the first video game system to release a Mario video game!

That is right folks! the first Mario game was, ‘Donkey Kong’ back in 1981, and it was made for the Arcade at the height of the arcade generation!

Now for most of you, the insane graphics of the modern Mario game I suspect is what you will recognize… But i thought that you guys might enjoy this little blast from the past!