The Future Of Sci-fi On TV!

There was a time where I have to admit that I thought that TV was on it’s way out… I mean literally almost everything on TV at that time was either talent shows or reality tv series…

Now I know that a lot of people like those types of shows… But for some one like me who much rather prefers watching a test pattern to watching a talent show… And is not a fan of most of the reality TV out there… I have to admit that I was concerned! I mean most people seemed to really enjoy stupid shows like, ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians.’ Or, ‘American Idol’… I just couldn’t stand it!

But with the change in TV priorities over the last few years… reality and talent shows are still there, but they did not completely take over TV in general!  And now I am really starting to get excited about the future of TV, and in the case of this blog… The future of Sci-fi on TV!

What I mean by this is that there are a ton of series that are having resurgence with new spin offs and the like… A couple of them that I wanted to mention here specifically are shows like: Star Trek…

Star Trek is a great example of this… After the lackluster response of, ‘Enterprise’… Paramount had put a moratorium on future Star Trek shows… But in the last year or so, we have seen the release of two seasons of the new, ‘Star Trek: Discovery’… Which I haven’t seen yet… But I am really excited to check out!

And with that said, another spinoff that I hope is going to be good is the new Star Trek series that is supposed to feature Patrick Stewart (Logan) reprising his role as, ‘Captain Jean-Luc Picard’ in a new Star Trek series!

I also wanted to mention the latest season of the X-Files mini-seasons that has come out… Now I haven’t seen the most recent season, but the previous one… While not as great as the first 9 seasons of X-Files was still really quite good!

Finally, the last one that I wanted to mention here is the animated Star Wars series… Rebels has been on for a few years now… And if you are like me and really enjoy animated series… Then I think you are really going to like this!

For more information, why not check out these trailers for some of the most recent shows… I hope you enjoy them, and if you are like me, then I think you are going to be really excited about the future of Sci-fi on TV!