The Halloween Horror Revival You Have Been Waiting For – Movie Trailer

The Halloween franchise… For most, this franchise has been truly amazing… The story of a maniac who comes back to his home town and stalks and kills a group of teenage girls on the anniversary of the night that he killed his older sister… That is something! If you are a horror movie fan, than I think you are going to like it!

For me, Halloween (1978) is still one of my favorite movies of all time.

Now everyone has known this for some time… Halloween has been a bit of a jumble… And in recent years… WIth the reboot series, and the last 2 original Halloween movies to come out… Well things have been a bit off!

I mean having, ‘Busta Rhymes’ in the last original series movie to come out to date was pretty odd… And the remakes, (although I liked them… Not everyone did.)

With that in mind though… The biggest thing that I wanted to talk about is the continuous retconned stories for a second…

Now for better or for worse… If you can figure out how to piece the stories together… They do actualy make a fairly coherent story line… From the beginning to when they started to suck…

Some people, (like me) really enjoyed most of the sequels and the remakes (to some extent)… And then some did not… I think with John Carpenter (The Fog) coming back to take over the producing of the film… I think he may not have enjoyed them so much and did away with those movies and the remakes to reboot the series with a direct to original sequel… And well… I am completely bummed about loosing the Jamie Lloyd era… And having Ant-Man in a Halloween movie… The trailer does look pretty good, and I am looking forward to checking out this movie… Check it out! Let me know what you think!