The History Of The Legend Of Zelda From 1986 – 2017

The Legend Of Zelda… Now if you haven’t heard of this game before, I highly recommend checking it out!  This game is one of those amazing generational franchises that has literally entertained video gamers from all over the world for literally decades!

Now for those of you who have not actually heard of this game before. The Legend Of Zelda mostly tells the story of a person in the land of, ‘Hyrule’ by the name of, ‘Link’.  Now this Elf frequently has to travel through Hyrule regaining the, ‘Triforce’ and rescuing, ‘Princess Zelda’.

If you haven’t actually played the original version of this game from 1986 when it first came out on the Nintendo Entertainment System, (NES).  I mean if you can get past 8-bit graphics… (I honestly grew up with it, and honestly I kind of some times miss it,) then you will have a blast!

But more so than almost any other RPG to be produced by Nintendo at that time. Legend Of Zelda gave you a large range of control, and certain element, that by the standards of the graphics back then, gave you a pretty impressive element of realism to the game… That for back then was pretty ahead of it’s time!

And the other thing I wanted to say, (now I honestly can’t say this for all of them, because i have only ever really played the first four games,) but Legend Of Zelda is one of those games that came out back when you could almost play one right after the other.

Now for the newer video game users, I don’t know if you actually ended up in this position, but for some (I hope most.) Back in the 90s, it was a little bit less about graphics, and video, and it was a bit more about gameplay, and how hard, or how easy a game was… And some of those games, (at least it was like this for me.)  I enjoyed some of these games so much that I could beat them, and then go straight on to the next one, right after the other until I had to sleep… I know that, that probably sounds pretty bad but it is true! And for me, ‘The Legend Of Zelda’ really is that type of series… And there was quite a few of them!

Now I will say this, if you haven’t gone through series from beginning to end. Or you haven’t been in a position to play these games in quite some time. I highly recommend checking them out… I mean there are duds like in every series… But in my opinion, this video game series for as many as I have played, and as many as I have seen, there are a ton of great ones that should give you many hours of enjoyment!

But for more information on this series, why not check out these scenes from what looks like all of them!