The Justice League Vs. Doomsday – Moments On The Big Screen

Alright, so I am on the verge of just coming out and saying… I love DC comics, I have loved the live action stuff and their animated stuff, I even loved collecting their cards!

But for some reason I am finding that I like everything, from their comics, to their animated movies, so much better than there live action movies! I mean they are just truly amazing! They have all of the suspense that has for some unknown reason been taken out of the live action movies… They have the insane backstory, that DC seems to have avoided almost entirely in their live action movies, (with the exception of the, ‘Wonder Woman’ franchise for some reason.)

I mean the animated movies have everything that the live action films had roughly pre-Batman Forever! And they are great!

As a matter of fact, to illustrate the point, I thought that I would show you guys this scene from an upcoming justice league animated movie that I am looking forward to seeing more than almost all of the live action stuff set to be released! Enjoy!