The Man In The High Castle… A Brilliant Alternative History That Is Doing Great Streaming!

A fun show, from an interesting Alternative History novel!

A fun show, from an interesting Alternative History novel!

Ok, so generally speaking I do try to stick to the realm of horror and science fiction, and, ‘The Man In The High Castle’ really is more than anything a thriller novel/streaming Amazon series… But the concept is to much to ignore and the science fiction aspects of this series are really just to awesome to avoid!

First off I wanted to talk to you guys about, ‘Alternative History’… The idea is truly awesome, entertaining… Not because of it’s potential political ramifactions, etc… It is just entertaining as hell… I mean these stories talk about what might have happened had WW2 gone differently, or how Vietnam could have gone differently, or even if Bill Clinton had not become the President!

Anyway, Philip K. Dick, several years ago, put together an alternative history story that not only asked, ‘What would the world have been like had Germany and Japan won the war, instead of the Allies…’ But what would these occupied countries have thought of films that started to pop up that showed a different world… The real world!

A great, Alternative History,' history story!

A great, Alternative History,’ history story!

Sounds intertesting right? Well it is just that? You see in the world of, ‘The Man In The High Castle’, the allies lost World War 2…  And it is 20 years later… Most of the Nazi leadership is really aging and the Nazi’s and the Japanese Empire are now heading for that last and final War… (I mean considering the fact that the Nazi and Japanese Empires are literally the last two governments on Earth… It kind of makes sense!)

With that said though, the sister of a woman who turns out to be a resistance fighter in the Japanese held part of the United States ends up dying, and her sister takes up the mantle of the mission that her sister was about to embark on… Well it turns out tha the mission that this woman was going to be going on, was to deliver these films that show the world how it wa supposed to be, and she was going to turn these films over to, ‘The Man In The High Castle’!

Anyway, this mission will changes the lives of everyone, as the mystery of who the, ‘Man In The High Castle’ actually is, and what these films are really about begin to unfold!

Like alot of occupying forces... The Americans aren't doing very well under Japanese rule!

Like alot of occupying forces… The Americans aren’t doing very well under Japanese rule!

Now this is just one example of  some incredibly entertaining Alternative History works… As a matter of fact, this story, besides being in written form is also streaming on Amazon… And if you have the chance to check them out, then I highly recommend checking these and other entertaining Alternative History works!