The New Star Trek Show Featuring: Captain Picard!

Ok, so I don’t know how you guys feel about the remake series of Star Trek movies… I will be honest and say that I really do quite enjoy them… They are for the most part quite action packed… They are a little weak on story, and they have sort of lost the whole, ‘seeking out new life and new civilizations thing’… But they are never the less still quite fun!

With that said, being some one who grew up with the original universe of Star Trek, and having just recently finished watching: Startrek: Deep Space Nine (One of the many spinoffs that took place in the original continuity.) I have to say that in this case, I am a classist, and really miss the original universe!

And so when I heard that there was going to be a new Star Trek series that was set to feature Captain Picard (Played by: Patrick Stewart…) I have to say that I was overjoyed… I thought, well maybe they are going to retcon the remake series, or maybe do that in another dimension or something, (like I said before, I like the remake series, but I freaking love the original series!)

With that in mind, I was hoping we would maybe go back to the universe with the original universe and the original Captain Picard… And it looks like we might get that some how!

Because it looks like the next movie is going to be taking place with the new cast… So how the new series is going to work out in the original universe… Well we will have to see!

Well I will say this, I do hope it is good… I mean it is hard to go wrong with the next generation crew… But still with all of the some times strange stuff… Here’s hoping!