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The Remake Of Child’s Play… And Why That Plan Maybe The Worst One Yet!

Child’s Play… The way the studips are working on this… WTF?

Ok, so first off, for those of you who don’t know what the Child’s Play series is all about… So basically the story starts off in the late 1980s with notoroious murderer Charles Lee Ray (Played by: Brad Dourif) ends up being chased in to a toy store by Detective Mike Norris (Played by Chris Sarandon).

That is where the Detective kills the murderer… But there is a twist… You see, Charles Lee Ray did not die all the way yet… He was just mortally wounded! And since he was taught by a sorcerer along time ago, about how to exchange his soul in to another body… He exchanges it in to the only other body he can find… That of a Good Guy Doll!

Basically the rest of the series is about his efforts to get a new body and the various dolls that come to join him in the fun that he is having! And eventually the mythos surrounding the doll, and the evil that it creates!

Chucky as he is about to give the teacher some discipline!

Now this movie series has had some duds over the years… I am not going to lie! But when Netflix seemingly began to take over the production (or well possibliy distribution,) something happened… The movies that had started being total garbage, starting being awesome again!

And so that is of course the time when the dumbass studio decides to step in and fuck everything up!

A: Besides the fact that the franchise was really starting to become something pretty epic again! The remake is going to suck… Because that is almost exclusively all remakes do… Is suck!

B: Even on the off chance that the remake doesn’t suck… What are they going to do? Have the original relegated to a TV series that Don Mancini (Child’s Play) and Brad Dourif are in development for… And a crummy remake as the movies?

Having the original be on TV, and remake in the movies… This is a prime example of studio stupidity ruining yet another great franchise!

Because here is the deal folks… Part of the reason why Sleepaway Camp did not have a sequel after Teenage Wasteland… Is because Michael A. Simpson (Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers) and Robert Hiltzik (Toxic Tutu) got in to it with who gets to make the new sequel… And what came out was garbage with the mob enforcer from the Sopranos!

And so far it seems like Don Mancini and his team are gearing up to try to out do the studio remake… And when shit like this happens… It can get BAD!

So expect a shit show from the movie, and hope that the classic original series on TV rocks!

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