The Rise Of The Retro Video Game Revolution

Most people generally do enjoy the modern video games… But I don’t know if you have noticed that there is a resurgence of classic video games and their systems… Stuff such as, ‘NES’ games or, ‘Sega games’… As a matter of fact, it has become so popular that some companies are starting to release updated remakes of the classic original games!

Now I personally think remaking these video games are pretty pointless… I mean I have played the original Final Fantasy 1, and I have played the remake of this game as well… And well, it is true that Final Fantasy 1 the remake has significantly better special effects, the game play is not as much fun… I don’t know, there is something that is just not the same if you are not playing the 8-bit version of this game.

But then again, the otherside of it is true as well…  The next generation of people able to play this game get a real experience that they are truly going to love, and they are going to play it fresh!

With that in mind though, one of the interesting things though… Is despite older games being remade… There is a growing revolution of gamers who are wanting to enjoy the classic that the kids from my generation enjoyed!

A great example of this is that it appears that where as the original Nintendo itself maybe done…  Nintendo appears to be licensing their older games to other video game companies that are releasing their own consoles with the lists of just about every nintendo game in existence!

And then there is the recent resurengence from both Sega and Nintendo having released modernized mini versions of the classic original, ‘Nintendo’ and, ‘Genesis’… God I hope they come out with a SNES Mini as well!

You might be wondering why this is so awesome… Well honestly… For people like me, who had both of those systems in their original format… It is a fond walk down memory lane! As soon as I can afford them I intend to get both of them! I mean it is true that they bring an element of the nostalgia of the past… But they do so in a modern way, that brings alll of the old claasic video games to life in the way that they were meant to be enjoyed!

So if you are like me, some one who does truly love the classics, just as much as they enjoy the newer games… Then you are in luck… This is the time to get back in to the old games! And for those of you who have never tried any of the older games… Here is a couple of videos that I think you might like and I think will help explain why they are so awesome!