The RPGS Of The 1990s… Why They Rock!

Final Fantasy 4, a brilliant game!

Final Fantasy 4, a brilliant game!

Ok, so first off, for those of you out there that doesn’t know what an RPG is… Basically what it is, is a type of Video Game in which your interaction in the story is a bit more interactive… I mean most of the time you are still looking at taking down the bad guys… But unlike first person shooters… A lot of the time RPGs will have a fantasy element… And honestly, a lot of the time the interaction between people in the game is still a lot bigger… There is also a ton more weapons out there to choose from!

Now it is true, these days most video game fanatics generally tend to lean toward being significantly more interested in playing first person shooter games, and in truth, there is nothing entirely wrong with them… They are fun, edge of your seat type of games that will keep you occupied for several hours at a time… I mean I personally rather enjoy first person shooter games…  But there is still nothing like an RPG to keep the mind occupied, and focused… As well as to just have fun!

What I mean by that is that, ok, back in the 80’s, really all the way through most of the 1990s, one of the two biggest types of games that people of my generation really enjoyed was, ‘competitve fighting style games,’ and, ‘RPGs’… And well for me, I have to say that where as a lot of my friends were definitely fans of the fighting games that came out, I was more of an RPG fan!

A great scifi/fantasy RPG that ended well before it's time!

A great scifi/fantasy RPG that ended well before it’s time!

Don’t get me wrong, I really did enjoy games such as all of the, ‘Street Fighter 2’ games, and Mortal Kombat games… Virtua Fighter and the like, I have to admit that when I got home from my friends houses, I would usually throw on the old Nintendo or later, Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo, and play such classics, such as, ‘Phantasy Star 2’, ‘Final Fantasy’ or, ‘Legened of Zelda: A Link To The Past’!

And you want to know why those types of games were so cool? Besides having a very engrossing story… They were the type of games… I mean a lot of the time in other types of games, it is usually, ‘point and shoot’ or, ‘punch and kick’, and that is truly cool, but for me, I liked the stories of RPGs, I loved how I could spend several hours trying to find that next thing to help keep me going on my quests, and getting incredibly vocal about my hatred for what I was doing, yet continue on with it despite, and love every moment!

So if you are a modern video game fan, enjoy the shooters, but try and RPG, you will be glad you did!