The Saddest Moment In The Walking Dead History! – Horror On The Small Screen

Glenn and Abraham are two characters whose deaths saddend fans all over the world!

Alot of us horror fans have been following, ‘The Walking Dead’ starting at certain points through out the series… For some of you, you probably started following since the beginning of the series… Some of you may have started later… For me I started after the start of the second season.

But like me I am sure that most of you have seen the entire series from the beginning up to this season… And in so doing, you would have seen a ton of death… Because let’s be honest, when the dead walk the Earth, the living are their food.  Some of these deaths it is kind of like, ‘Well good!’ Some of them have probably hit you pretty hard… When Lori (played by Sarah Wayne Callies) died, I was pretty saddend to see that… But there is one set of deaths that I think we can all agree really pretty much just sucked!

I am going to be blunt, this just sucked!

That is the deaths of, ‘Glenn’ and, ‘Abraham’… They were truly awesome characters and Glenn we have been following this character since the premier in 2010 and hopped that this would never happen to him!

With Abraham, he really did come later, but he really inserted himself in to that little family unit of survivors… And honestly, seeing him stand up to Negan despite the fact that he was going to die… Truly a sad moment… But one that you could be proud of…

Anyway, it really was one of the hardest moments for fans to see, when Glenn and Abraham died, but I thought you guys might like to see what maybe the first time a truly sad moment in Television history happened on a zombie horror tv series like, ‘The Walking Dead’… So, if you are a fan… Well you might not love it… But remembering where we came from and where we are going is never a bad thing!