The Stand (1978) – Stephen King – Book Review

Official Score = 4 Devils

Official Score = 4 Devils

Stephen King… Hot damn if he ain’t just about one of the greatest horror authors that ever lived! Don’t get me wrong, Bram Stoker (Dracula) did a great job, Mary Shelley (Frankenstein) and even Edgar Allan Poe (The Tell-Tale Heart) all did an amazing job pioneering some of the great works of horror literature that there ever was, but for my money, now and until the end of time, Stephen King’s works. besides being so good that a lot of them were transformed in to movies, but were so genuinely scary, and so surrealistic in some cases, that with some of his more chilling works of fiction, it was almost like seeing a movie come to life in your imagination as you read along!

Now believe it or not one of the first books that I read of his, actually was a novel whose story I enjoyed watching the movie for with my Dad a few years before reading the book that my Dad gave to me! That novel being, The Stand (1978)!

Published in September of 1978, this story tells the amazing tale of 2 groups of survivors as they bare witness to a plague that destroys civilization… During this time the first group of survivors are what you could almost say are (the light side) a group of people that have these pleasant dreams of an older lady asking them to come visit her…

The other group of people have these horrible dreams of, ‘The Walking Dude’ a sort of demonic figure that is seducing the other group in to following them….

This cover for, ‘The Stand’ just says it all… The Final Battle between Good Vs. Evil… (i,e. a man with his sword and an almost demonic entity fighting the man with his sickle!

And as the, ‘Walking Dude’ is coming closer to claiming his first kingdom on Earth (the soon to be former city of Las Vegas), more and more people are dying  from this plague, and once civilization finally ends itself, both groups go off to their respective leaders and start to form their own versions of civilization… But with both groups sort of being the polar opposites of each other, a war is coming that will determine once and for all if there will be, ‘Paradise on Earth’, or if, ‘Hell will have a new home on Earth’

The truth is, is the only complaint that I have about this book is the fact that it was hard to put it down! I mean it was so well written, that it literally could be like imagining a movie as you read page after page… What I mean by that is that the characters were amazingly well written and developed very masterfully… The story was amazingly gripping!

I mean this book was so well written that even the movie is bar none fantastic… The reason for that besides the cast is the fact that this story closely mirrors the novel… (well as much as a 3 or 4 hour movie can work off of a book as large as that one!

Nick Andros (Played by Rob Lowe) with Mother Abigail Freemantle (Played by: Ruby Dee) in the made for TV adaption of Stephen King’s, ‘The Stand’!

In the end this one was an amazingly great time, and if you haven’t read it, then you should, I loved it, and you might as well!