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The Terminator (1984) – Horror/Sci-Fi Movie Review

This guy might give ya nightmares!

There is something pretty epic about a movie series that comes out that is so well known, and so prolific that even after 30 years and a few duds, that people are still clamboring for more… And not only that, but to have the same actor in that series!

The, ‘Alien’ movie series is one of those series, The, ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’ is another one… And the, ‘Terminator’ movie series is one of them as well!

But like all movies that have long standing movie franchises associated to them… The Terminator (1984)… Started it all, and is in my opinion, still one of the better of that particular franchise!

Written By: Gale Anne Hurd (The Walking Dead), James Cameron (Aliens), William Wisher Jr. (Judge Dredd) & Directed by: James Cameron. Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger (The 6th Day), Linda Hamilton (Children Of The Corn), Michael Biehn (Aliens), Paul Winfield (Mars Attacks) & Lance Henriksen (Pumpkinhead).

“I’ll be back!” – The Terminator (A quote by: Arnold Schwarzenegger from the movie: The Terminator (1984).)

This is the story of Sarah Conner (Played by: Linda Hamilton) and how she discovered that in 1984, she is the soul source point that would determine whether or not the human race would be saved or destroyed!

Sarah Connor in 1984 and after she has begun to prepare herself to teach her son to save the planet!

You see, in the future, a military A.I. would go online, and begin to learn at an exponential rate!

Now what people in the military don’t really, realize is the fact that this A.I. by the name of, ‘Skynet’, that they had been giving more and more control of their definsive capabilities had been learning so fast, that it began to take over.

And marks humanity for termination and begins to do things such as launch a nuclear first strike on the entire planet… And then begin an effort to destroy the survivors of that nuclear war!

Skynet launching the nuclear first strike in Teriminator 3.

But from that war would rise a man by the name of, ‘John Connor’, who would unite the remnants of humanity and take the war to skynet!

Well on the eve of skynets destruction, the A.I. sends a terminator (Played by: Arnold Schwarzenegger) to destroy the leader of the resistance in an area where he would be most vulnerable… In the past!

So while Skynet sends the terminator to destroy Sarah Connor in the past… John Connor sends Kyle Reese (Played by: Michael Biehn) to protect Sarah and destroy the terminator, before the machine can murder his mother!

Kyle Reese meeting Sarah Connor for the first time.

Now this movie is the one that started it all! I mean the special effects are bar none brilliant! This movie helped cememnts the careers of almost everyone in the movie, including: Linda Hamilton who would go on to have a minor role in the series… But would be a great B actress! Arnold Schwarzenegger would go on to become one of the biggest actors in Hollywood for over a decade. James Cameron is a household name in large part thanks to this movie… And Michael Biehn is still one of the biggest B actors of all time!

And an interesting bit of trivia… Michael Biehn, Lind Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger would all work with James Cameron after this movie!

1: Michael Biehn and James Cameron would work together again in the movie, Aliens (1986).

On the set of, Aliens (1986)!

2. Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger are working together to bring the next chapter in the franchise together!

In the end, this movie is pretty amazeballs! check it out! You are going to love it!

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