The Twilight Zone: Season 1 – Episode 11 (1959) – TV Episode Review

Ok, so this is one that I have been kind of excited to get back to for awhile… The Twilight Zone is a series that accounts for both horror and Science Fiction… And helped bring about elements that are still used in modern filmmaking for both, the horror and science fiction genres!

With that in mind, getting back in to this series after having been away from it for so long is something that I am glad I did… This latest episode that I watched, Episode 11, of Season 1, ‘And When The Sky Was Opened’ Was Pretty insanely spectacular!

Written by: Rod Serling (Planet Of The Apes), based on the short story by: Richard Matheson (The Omega Man) & Directed by: Douglas Heyes (Maverick). Starring: Rod Taylor (The Time Machine), Jim Hutton (Hellfighters) & Charles Aidman (Innerspace).

“Once upon a time, there was a man named Harrington, a man named Forbes, a man named Gart. They used to exist, but don’t any longer. Someone – or something- took them somewhere. At least they are no longer a part of the memory of man. And as to the X-20 supposed to be housed here in this hangar, this, too, does not exist. And if any of you have any questions concerning an aircraft and three men who flew her, speak softly of them – and only in – The Twilight Zone. – Rod Serling (A quote from Season 1 Episode 1 ‘And When The Sky Opened’ (1959).)

This episode tells the story of three astronauts that took a flight up in to space… They went in to an orbit of the Earth… But while they were there… Something happened and the Spacecraft and crew went missing for awhile… When they landed on Earth, they were heralded as heroes!

They were Colonel Ed Harrington (Played by: Charles Aidman), Lieutenant Colonel Clegg Forbes (Played by: Rod Taylor) and Major WIlliam Gart (Played by Jim Hutton).

Now at first no one knew that there was actually anything wrong with the returning heroes… Gart is in the hospital with a broken leg… And Forbes and Harrington are discharged from their post flight check up that morning… Their intention is to go out and celebrate the succesful completion of their mission!

So Forbes and Harrington decide to stop in to a local bar for a drink… And that is when something weird happens… You see, Harrington starts to feel like death has walked up and down his spine… So he decides to go and call his parents… And feels even weirder.

Noticing the problem, Forbes comes over to ask Harrington what the problem is… And with a haunted look, Harrington tells him that his mother told him that he has no son… Forbes turns away from him for a moment and then turns back and discovers that Harrington is missing.

This leads Forbes and Gart down a path that will eventually lead them back to the, ‘Twilight Zone’!

You know, one of the great things about these old series is that they didn’t have the special effects that modern movies and TV shows are becoming more and more reliant upon… And so the actors really had to put in extra effort to really show the terror of these scary situations… And I thought that Rod Taylor (who was in a large part of the episode) did an absolutely phenomenal job in selling the scary reality that he and his crew were going to blink out of existence!

In the end, this is another phenomenal episode in a show that consistantly proves the reason why so many people have remade this series! If you haven’t seen it, and are in the market for a fantastic episode for a fantastic series… then check this out! I liked it, and you may as well!