The Twilight Zone (The Original Series): Season 1 – Episode 1: ‘Where Is Everybody’ – TV Episode Review

Official Score = 1 Devil

Official Score = 1 Devil

The Twilight Zone… What can I say about this franchise? I mean, ‘The Twilight Zone’ is to Science Fiction & Horror TV/Movies, what Star Trek is to Science Fiction TV & Movies, or even what, ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’ is to horror movies!

I mean most of the times these episodes, (especially from what I understand of of it, ‘the original series’) is both scary, thrilling, and in some cases quite thought provoking, this show has made Rod Serling (Planet Of The Apes) and the narration that he did at the beginning and ending of each episode a household name… I mean if you were born in the last 50 years you almost certainly will remember that straightforward way that Rod Serling had of explaining some of the strangest stuff!

Unfortunately though, it would appear to have started off from in auspicious beginnings…

What I mean by this is that the first episode called, ‘Where Is Everybody’, an episode that had been written by Rod Serling, and directed by: Robert Stevens (Suspense) and starring: Earl Holliman (Forbidden Planet) told the story of an Air Force Officer who some how wound up in a small town out in the middle of no where, that seemed to have no one in it at all…

And as he is slowly going more and more insane from the absolute loneliness, he starts to realize that the town is not all it’s cracked up to be!

This poor Officer doesn't know who he is, and has walked in to a town where there is no one around who can tell him!

This poor Officer doesn’t know who he is, and has walked in to a town where there is no one around who can tell him!

In the end though, this episode had a great premise, and a cool message, but the writing was showing it’s age… It was quite dated and the lines that were given to Earl Holliman were reduculously out of date, and frankly the fact that no one was around, and that the episode itself proved itself to be completely outdated, just made the whole thing really dull!

In the end, this episode may not be the best, but if you like the basic concepts that this series and shows like this series bring to the table, then I would say, ‘keep this one in mind’… This episode may not be the greatest, but there are other episodes coming up that are worth it!