The Various Faces From Beginning To The End Of Doctor Who – Sci-Fi On The Small Screen

Some of the Doctors through out the ages!

Doctor Who…  This amazing show is one of those classic science fiction shows that has managed to last through out the ages… Starting in the 1960s with William Hartnell (The Mouse That Roared), and went on for a couple decades, with such greats taking over the role as, Colin Baker (Eye Of The Beholder), Patrick Troughton (The Omen), Jon Pertwee (Super Ted)… That last one as it turns out is the father of, Sean Pertwee (Event Horizon), who is currently playing the role of, ‘Alfred Pennyworth’ from the classic Fox TV series, ‘Gotham’!

Well if you are like me, you are probably really familiar with the time period in the series, when Doctor Who was played by the likes of Christopher Eccleston (28 Days Later), David Tennant (Broadchurch) & Matt Smith (Terminator Genesys), and the rest that come in to play recently…

Matt Smith & David Tennant… Two of the most popular, ‘Doctors’ from the new series!

Well recently I thought that I would do my best to dive in to the original Doctor Who episodes… And well, unfortunately from what I have read, quite a few of the original episodes were stolen many years ago… But the episodes that I have been able to see are pretty awesome!

Now there is a a ton of episodes, seeing as how there is something like 20 seasons of the series… But watching William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, and even Colin Baker running around as the Doctor from the 60s on through was pretty awesome! And a different look at both special effects wise… And frankly with how the Tardis looked (The differences between the original Tardis and the new series Tardis is pretty spectacular…)

Well I thought that you guys might enjoy this video that I found about the regenerations of the various Doctor Whos through out the ages… And how they became more explosive as time has gone on… It doesn’t have the latest Doctor’s regeneration, but that is coming with the first female Doctor in the series!