There Are Those Movies & TV Show’s That Got Zombies Right & There Are Those That Didn’t!

A blast from the past, eh?

A blast from the past, eh?

That’s right folks… Ok, so before I begin, let me just say this… Zombies have always been portrayed in a couple of different ways… One such example is the way that they are portrayed in classics such as, White Zombie (1932)…

In White Zombie, these Zombie’s are more portrayed as re-animated servants that will do the bidding of their masters… Than there is the more modern portrayal of Zombies… more like re-animated living dead animals… Some of them are almost like pets, Some of them are like re-animated people… But a little bit more like real people, with more freedom of movement…

And finally, there are those that are pretty much what you would expect of Zombies, they really are walking corpses who inexplicably go after and try to canabalize the dead… Cool no?

Now there is another type of Zombie that I would talk about… Except those are classified as, ‘Vampires’, due to the fact that they have a minor degree of sentience, and they really are only looking for blood, and not eating people…. And then the last but not least… There is the more classic, just wanting to eat brains type of Zombie.

With the exception of the Vampire type, I thought that I would talk about them a little bit here…

A motley crew if ever there was one!

A motley crew if ever there was one!

So let’s talk about the, basically, ‘Zombie Drone’ type of Zombie from White Zombie. Now the idea I will admit is pretty cool… I mean an army of the walking dead at a big bad’s command… How cool, right? Wrong! The fact is, is White Zombie is a good Zombie film… But the Zombie’s of that ilk never hold up! I mean they just aren’t. Zombies! Think more mesmerized humans… A great premise for a movie, but a basically weak concept for Zombies!

Ok, now the next one that I want to talk about is the more classic, ‘Eating Brains’ style of Zombies… Now in truth I have not seen to many of these types of movies… But I have seen the movie, Return Of The Living Dead (1985)… I have to say that the zombies in this movie I can’t quite take seriously…They get that way a little bit more in the series… They become a little bit more like the zombies in the next batch that I want to talk about… But these first one’s they are cool!

You see, these Zombie’s are really more re-animated people who need to eat brains to stay alive, and well I have to say they are absolutely hilarious, they have their voices in-tact and so can be a bit of the smart-ass, but all in all they are a ton of fun!

All he want's is some brains!

All he want’s is some brains!

The next and final  batch that I wanted to talk about here are basically the, ‘walking corpse animal’ style of Zombie… I mean if you saw some one coming toward you, then you probably wouldn’t necessarily think to run away from them… Well that is one of the very problems that the people in, ‘The Walking Dead’ and their spin-off series, ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ have to worry about every day since the outbreak began!

You see, these are the types of Zombie’ that can initially at first look very well (if not slightly or majority messed up,) and since they live in a world of no zombies, alot of the time people don’t know where to look, and  so seeing the fall of civilization and what comes next in these 2 shows are a ton of fun!

And finally there is the George A. Romero, ‘Zombie’ series… It could be said that White Zombie is the grandfather of the Zombie movie… If that is the case, then you could say that his series is the grandfather of the modern zombie series… I mean the stuff that Romero brought to the franchise is stuff that he pioneered, and then would latter be taken and used for more modern Zombie features such as, ‘The Walking Dead’!

How would you like to step off the elevator and find them waiting for you?

How would you like to step off the elevator and find them waiting for you?

That being the most brilliant of the zombie on either the big screen or the small, I am going to say this… There are other forms of Zombies, such stuff, as mentioned above and so much more, and they do have their place… But the truth is… Is they are kind of crap representations of Zombies, and so I don’t think I am going to talk about them to much more… (For more information on this, check out the: ‘Pet Zombies’ and the ‘Human Zombies’.)