These Three Comic Book Heroes Rock Both On Screen And In Print

Spider-Man is a great example of a superhero that rocks both on screen and in print!

So now that we have had an almost continuous stream of great comic book superhero movies… It is almost hard to remember that these superheroes may rock on the big screen, but they are still doing some amazing work in print aswell!

And so I thought that that I would mention these three comic book superheroes who maybe doing some awesome stuff on the small and big screens… But are also still tearing it up in print as well!

1. Captain America.

This Avenger rocks on both the big screen and in print!

Ok, so the modern Captain America may no longer be Steve Rogers, but Sam Wilson is doing an amazing job taking over the mantle of Captain America in the comics… And with the next installment in the Avengers franchise on the big screen coming up… It looks like Steve Rogers will be tearing it up on the big screen again soon!

2. The Flash.

Rather it be on the small screen or in print, this character rocks!

Movies aside, The Flash that is on the small screen really is nicely becoming an extremely highly rated television show, and may at this point be, becoming one of the highest rated TV shows on TV today… While Grant Gustin and the gang is tearing it up on the small screen though… The writers and inkers at DC are still making some amazing comics for the franchise as well!

3.  Wolverine.

Hugh Jackman did a brilliant job bringing Wolverine to the big screen!

Now this one really is a particularly sad one… You see, Hugh Jackman really brought prominence to the role of, ‘Wolverine’ on the big screen… But while Hugh Jackman’s tenure in the role maybe over… Wolverine is still tearing it up in the pages of Marvel comics!

There are certainly some more characters out there that are kicking ass both on screen and in comic books… These are just a few that I like and I thought that you guys might enjoy them as much as I do!