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They Live… A Contemporary Look At Modern Consumerism Through The Lenz Of Horror & Science Fiction.

They Live… A great sci-fi/horror film!

Ok, so if you have seen John Carpenter’s Science Fiction/Thriller movie, They Live (1988)… Then you know it is a fun movie with an amazing, ‘B’ grade cast… That is still better than some of the better A list actors of all time!

But one of the things that you may not really realize about this brilliant film… Is that it is a contemporary look at modern consumerism through the lenz of horror and science fiction… And it is still something that is going on today!

Ok, so consumerism has always been around… It has grown and shrank over the decades, and some times it was primarily a tool of the absolutely filthy rich… And sometimes it has been everyone… But in the 1980s… It had really kind of a taken hold by everyone… And it has never really stopped!

That could be one of the mottos of the 80s!

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not opposed to buying that new great TV, or movie, or video game or whatever… But the truth is, is it has become such a big thing that manufactuerers actually sell items that are designed to break down!

Some times we buy them from ads… Etc…

And John Carpenter captured all of this really nicely! With subliminal advertising in magazines and TV shows and movies when he made a movie about an Alien invasion of humanity that is a slow invasion that happens because of the massive inception of subliminal advertising in magazines, news papers and etc… With the effort to get people to become to blocked off so that when the invasion happens, no one is prepared for it!

They Live… A great movie that has a message to it!

But you know what? for more information, check this out!

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