They Live: The Sunglasses

So you may not think of this in the concept of being worthy of an article on this site… But the true is, is it is a very intresting, very integral part of the movie… A great movie that had a very important message then and a message that is still important to this day!

Ok, so I generally don’t tend to do these articles likes this… As a matter of fact I have tried to avoid anything approaching anything other than just entertainment… But everyone once in awhile it is good to do something that brings about some form of awareness!

And in the case of, They Live (1988)… The message being in the story that after putting on a pair of sunglasses makes Roddy Pipper (Hell Comes To Frogtown) see the world for what it really is… A world consumed by, ‘Big Macs’ and the like… And while a mass media is innundating people… There is a cabal of people that are slowly taking over the world!

Rather or not you believe it… You got it admit, those glasses are pretty cool! Check them out!