This Toll Call Can Be A Real Nightmare – Horror On The Small Screen

A few decades ago you could have talked to this guy!

Back in the late 80s and 90s… Really back in the day when the classic horror villains the likes of, ‘Michael Myers’ & ‘Jason Voorhees’  and even, ‘Leatherface’ were still tearing it up on the big screen. The studios were really doing what they could to capatalize on the overwhelming success of their indivdual franchises!

One of these franchises that was hit quite hard with this was, ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’… I mean there was all sorts and kinds of merchandise… There was also a TV show at one point (Unlike, ‘Friday The 13th the series’, this series actually did seem to have something to do with Freddy Krueger…)

There is one thing that I discovered recently that I have thought about trying… Because if it was still open… I mean I doubt that it is, but if it was, how cool would it be to have that blast from the past!

One of the 900 number’s satisfied customers!

That is that a 900 number had been setup several years ago so that in theory you could, ‘talk to Freddy Krueger’! I mean how cool is that?

Anyway, if it is still going, it could be a fond walk down memory lane.  With Robert Englund (A Nightmare On Elm Street), who played Freddy Krueger having retired his participation in the series… And after Jackie-Earle Haley basically butchered the remake for the series… I mean you could say that it is a sort of a fond walk down memory lane to a time when this series was still doing some amazing things for the world of cinematic horror!

Anyway check it out! The phone number may no longer be available… But the video itself is still pretty cool!