Three Comic Book Characters Whose Series Were Called Something Else At First – Comic Book Blog

Ok, so what I mean by this is the fact that, ok, primarily just about everyone recognizes the characters from both, ‘DC’ and, ‘Marvel’… But the truth is, is that comic book characters don’t always start off where they end off at…

And with that said I thought I would mention 3 separate major characters that started off in different comic book series. 
Ok… At number 3. Batman…
A great Bat-Man... Before he becomes, 'The Dark Knight'!

A great Bat-Man… Before he becomes, ‘The Dark Knight’!

That’s right folks, before, ‘Batman’ got his own series, he started off in the realm of, ‘Detective Comics’… Back in 1939!

At number 2. Iron Man! 

A great comic!

A great comic!


As for Iron-Man… He started off in the world of, ‘Tales Of Suspense’ in 1963! 
And at number 1. Thor!

This was Thor before he was an, ‘Avenger’!

Before Thor got his own run… Before Thor became a member of the, ‘Avengers,’ Thor popped up in, ‘Journey In To Mystery’ #83 back in 1963!

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