Three Reasons Reading Horror & Scifi Is Important.

Jurassic Park… A great movie… A better book!

Ok, So for the most part it seems like people prefer to watch horror and science fiction movies more then they seem to like to read novels about this stuff…

The truth is, is that I actually am one of the people that actually does like to watch movies as well… But I have also found out as time has gone on that there are tons of great stories out there that are some times passed by, and so I thought that I would talk about the three reasons reading horror and scifi novels are important!

1. If you like the movie, then you are gonna love the book!

The Hunger Games is a great example of a great movie that was made from a better book!

You see, I have found that books generally tend to be better than the movie because movies, although they do there best… Generally do not get as involved with the character development, the story tends to be shortened and some of the good stuff taken out (imagine fitting a 600 page book in to a 2 hr movie!) And finally, if you see the movie first, it becomes a little bit harder to differentiate imagination from the movie when you are reading it… And some times you don’t get to imagine what it would be like to be  there for yourself!

2. Imaginatin is it’s own movie!

Imagination is everything… Never loose your ability to imagine whole new worlds!

Movies will always be fun, and I am not saying that you should not watch movies, but the truth is, is that movies already give the person the images… And trust me when I say that getting to mock up the universes in the story in your own mind, oft times is so much cooler, and can give you the opportunity to almost live the story as you read it!

3.  Stop watching TV and read a book!

Turn off the TV and read a book!

In our modern American culture, to often, to many people are watching TV to much of the time… There is nothing bad with watching TV or movies, just don’t forget that there is a whole world of imagination out there waiting to be explored!

Anyway, I hopr you guys found this fascinating… And I will leave you with this… Turn off the TV from time to time and read a book! Imagination often times beats Movies and TV, and if you give it a try, I think you will see why!