Three Reasons To Remain Hopeful For Horror & Science Fiction Movies In 2017!

We have some great Science Fiction and Horror movies to look forward to in the future!

For me, I have lived through many generations of the different horror movie generations! I lived through and loved the generation in the 80s that saw the birth of some of the greatest horror franchises! During this time we saw the continuation of some of the greats from the 70s as well! Such franchises as everything from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre through Hellraiser series!

I have also seen a disturbing trend in which horror almost disappeared in the 90s! And almost tanked in the early 2000’s! I have also bared witness to a similarly disturbing trend with sci-fi!

But lately I have been seeing some improvements in these genre’s that make me hopeful for the future of both genres! And here are 3 reasons I think the future of these genre’s is going to be great!

1. There is still an attempt to bring back the mega franchises to prominence.

These are just a few of the mega franchises that the studios are trying to bring back to prominence!

Now some of you might not think this is good. Honestly I have had my doubts about this as well… And I will go so far as  to say that some of the ideas are pretty dumb! But I have heard Newline is retooling for a new, ‘Nightmare On Elm Street’ remake.  There is an idea for a found footage Friday The 13th sequel (An intresting idea, but I am not holding out much hope.)  Halloween is supposed to go back to the original saga John Carpenter (Prince Of Darkness) started… And much more!

2. The Alien Franchise becoming interesting again.

The Alien franchise is getting interesting again!

Well if you were like me, then initially you were skeptical of a Science Fiction/Horror franchise that was going to be regularly coming out with prequels to the original and sequels to the original as well! Well from what I am seeing, Alien Covenant is going to rock! And Alien 5 including some of the original cast reuniting is going to be awesome! This will include: Sigourney Weaver (Who played Ripley in the original movies,) and Michael Biehn (Who played Corporal Hicks in the first sequel.) I have also heard word that Rebecca Jorden (who played, ‘Newt’ might be coming out of retirement as well!)

With all of that in mind… I have a ton of hope!

3.  Star Wars coming back!

Star Wars is coming back in a major way!

With the purchase of LucasFilms by Disney, and the subsequent new movies coming out, I have to say that from what I have seen of these new Star Wars movies… Like the Marvel movies, they are going to rock!

So get excited guys!  As time goes on, we are going to get to see some great movies on the way! And if you would like to see where some of these movies came from, check out what we have to offer in our store by clicking here: