Today’s Comics, A Wonderland Of Variation!

Since I have gotten back in to comic books, one of the things I have really dug is how varied the basic comic books of today are.

What I mean by that is that most comics back when I was a kid were still pretty rigidly sticking to their handful of heroes and villains and rarely if ever seemed to cross genres… Basically what I am trying to say is that the X-Men were the X-Men and the JLA (Justice League) were the Justice League and they rarely if ever branched out.

Now I will admit that in my estimation, there really is not much in the way of a reason to… The comics back in the early to mid 1990s were pretty exceptional, and introduced children to new realms of entertainment… And for kids like me, a world where comics were a prized posession, one to be coveted and cherished and protected!

With that said though, as much as I liked those comics from way back when, I still have to admit that in my opinion the comics of today are amazing and are so varied!

Ok so before I go on, I will say that about the point where I was regular reading and collecting comics, there was a slow growing number of new types of comics coming out, (as a matter of fact, I still have my first issue of, ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation.’

But the wide variety of these comics honestly are nothing like they are now! What I mean by that is that where as it is true that the standard bearers of the DC and Marvel Universe are still there and are still going strong, there are so many new types out there, there are comics based off horror movie villains like, ‘Freddy Krueger’ & ‘Jason Voorhees’ and so much more!

Marvel has also taken it upon themselves to make some interesting (albeit in some cases unusual) liberties with some of their heroes and switched up the basic characters… For example, ‘Amadeus Cho’ has his own comic book as, ‘The Incredible Hulk’ and even for some time, ‘Thor’ was Jane Foster!

Now like I said before, some of these choices are in my opinion awfully bizarre, but overall though, the world of comics in my opinion and it’s wonderland of variation makes me really glad to have gotten back in to comics! And if you are thinking about getting back in to them, I highly recommend doing so! The variations are fun to read, and the stories are rather quite amusing!