Transformers Prime: Season 1 – Episode 1: ‘Darkness Rising Part 1’ (2010) – TV Episode Review

One of the better of the more recent series!

At this point, most people know all about Michael Bay’s work with the Transformers franchise on the big screen.  Alot of people know about the various modern day cartoons that have come out in recent times as well!  For me though, I have to say that I am pretty lucky… Not only have I gotten to enjoy the most recent Transofrmers work, but I also got to play with the original toys when I was a kid, and watch the original series!

With that said though, I have to say that I am really pretty impressed with the work that has come out recently… Well all except for one of the series… Which I will get in to in later reviews!

But this series for Tranformers Prime, I have to say is pretty awesome! The first episode of this first season, ‘Darkness Rising Part 1’ is pretty amazing as well!

You see by the time this Transformers series takes place. Cybertron has been rendered uninhabitable after centuries of bloody warfare!  And both sides have decided to try and make Earth their new home!

Humans and Autobots working together to protect the Earth from Decepticons that want to rule it!

The Autobots (the good guys) want to help mankind and live alongside mankind. The Decepticons (the bad guys) want to take over the planet and ensalve mankind!  Fortunately for mankind, for the past few years the Decepticons have been bumped off of Earth… Well till now!

You see, when the Decepticons come back to Earth, and almost immediately destroy one of the Autobots… It will be up to Optimus Prime, the rest of the autobots, and their human allies to stop the Decepticons before the Decepticons can take over the Earth and enslave mankind!

Now in every aspect this episode is pretty awesome! I have to say that I suspect that even if you are not the largest fan of this series, that you are still going to like this episode… And it is a great way to start the series!