Tremors (1990) – Movie Review

Official Score = 3 1/2 Devils

Official Score = 3 1/2 Devils

Directed by: Ron Underwood (City Slickers) & Starring: Kevin Bacon (The Following), Fred Ward (The Crow: Salvation), Finn Carter (Sweet Justice), Michael Gross (Sometimes They Come Back… Again), Reba McEntire (Christmas In Washington), Robert Jayne (Fear Runs Silent), Tony Genaro (La Bamba), Charlotte Stewart (Eraserhead), Ariana Richards (Jurassic Park), & Victor Wong (Prince Of Darkness).

Tremors is an awesome action packed horror movie that tells of how a couple of handy men by the name of Valentine McKee (Bacon), and Earl Bassett (Ward) and the small town of Perfection come on the map!

You see the small town of Perfection is a virtually unknown town that is almost off the map and is deep in the Nevada desert, during this time though, un-suspecting to everyone, a monster of sorts has woken up and it is pretty hungry!

At first though everything is quiet, Val and Earl are going through their regular routine of taking on odd jobs around the town to make their way… While they are working out there though, they end up meeting up with the new local Seismology student by the name of, ‘Rhonda Le Beck’ (Carter).

After talking with Rhonda they head back in to town to do the worst possible job (handling the trash for one of the local towns people… That is until they finally have enough of their lives in the small town and head on out of town as quick as they can, (so quickly that they actually give up a months worth of work that includes both free food and booze)…

Val (Kevin Bacon) and Earl (Fred Ward) as they are hightailing it out of, ‘Perfection’!

As they are leaving the area though, they come to discover an old drunk that is up on the power lines… So they stop and try to yell to get the old fool down from the power tower. When they realize though that they can’t get the old man down, Val ends up making his way up the ladder and discovering that the man is dead.

So they end up taking the old man back to town, they also end up discovering that an old rancher’s head was cut clean off, and so after they take care of business inside of the town, they decide to head back out of town… As they are heading down the road though they come to discover that they only regular road out of town has been destroyed and has become impassible…

Trapped in the valley, with no real workable way to get out of there, it will be up to Earl, Val & the rest of the town to discover what has been killing all these people around the town, before this as yet unseen monster comes after the town itself, because in this case, the town of Perfection is no longer perfection!
Now I don’t really have much negative to say about this movie… I mean it is fun, action packed, with awesome special effects, amazing acting from a group of very talented actors, and the monster along with the rest of the special effects were just awesome!

The town of, ‘Perfection’ is about to have a real, ‘Graboid’ problem on their hands!

The last thing that I wanted to mention also is that besides the fact that this movie does inject some levity in to the moment, the script was fun, engrossing, with some awesome character development, and you end up really rooting for these guys from the small town of, ‘Perfection’!  Anyway folks, this is definitely one that was worth my time, and which I really enjoyed, and I think that you guys might as well!