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Trucks (1997) – Horror/Sci-fi Movie Review

A fantastic film!

So one of my favorite authors, ‘Stephen King’… Man he has done some awesome stuff! he has written some truly amazing novels, ‘Cujo’, ‘The Stand’, ‘The Shining’ and so much more! But not only that, but some of these books have been being turned in to movies, and some of those movies are now beinbg remade!

With that said, one of the types of horror/sci-fi stories that I have noticed that he likes to do that are also pretty awesome is the stories that he has done when, ‘automobiles’ coming to life!

Some of the great works like that would be, ‘Christine’, ‘From A Buick 8’ and, I haven’t read the story itself… But I have seen the movie… And that movie is pretty awesome, that movie being: Maximum Overdrive (1986) and now a movie that I think is loosely either a remake of the movie, or another adaption of the story: Trucks (1997)!

Written by: Brian Taggert (V) & Directed by: Chris Thomson (The Hitchhiker). Starring: Timothy Busfield (Revenge Of The Nerds), Brenda Bakke (Tales From The Crypt Presents: Demon Knight), Aidan Devine (Outlander), Roman Podhora (Final Destination 5), Jay Brazeau (House Of The Dead), Brendan Fletcher (Rampage) & Amy Stewart (The Boys Club).

“There was no-one driving, no-one.” – Jack (A quote by: Jay Brazeau).

Ok, so this movie… I am little surprised this movie never was on the big screen… It was pretty bad ass! But this movie tells the story of how a small town and the even smaller truck stop is about to be inunndated by Trucks of a different variety.

These Trucks are out for Blood, literally!

You see, some how the trucks have started coming to life… And they are pissed! First when an old truck decides to kill it’s owner… And more of the trucks start coming to life and decide to go on a rampage!

Well this all start to befall a group of people at a Truck Stop just inside a small town by the name of, ‘Luna’… You see, like all vehicles, it turns out that they all need fuel right?

And when a group of visitors come to enjoy the whole, ‘Luna’ experience, it will be up to them and a few others to figure out how to stop them… Before the trucks take over and become, ‘Planet Of The Trucks’!

A rescue helicopter trying to get away from one of the, ‘Monster Trucks’!

Ok, so this movie is a ton of fun… seeing the Trucks come to life is always fun… And as a horror nut, seeing them go on a murderous rampage is even better!

Another thing that I really liked about this movie that I found that I really liked is the fact that this movie really did seem like the, ‘B’ version of Maxmimum Overdrive… But where as most people tend to claim that B movies suck… I enjoyed them and I thought that this was just as good!

Now the only 2 parts I really did not like about this movie:

1: I really did not like the fact that they did not explain how the Trucks came to life… Most of these types of movies do, and I find that it helps explain the movie a little bit better.

2: There is a moment in the movie, where it looks like other stuff is starting to come to life as well, and they never really dived in to that to heavily, and I felt like that was kind of a missed opportunity!

Eitherway, if you get the opportunity to check this movie out… Do so! Despite a few flaws, this movie really is a ton of fun, and well worth checking out!

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