USA For Africa – We Are The World (1985) – Music Video

So this site maybe devoted to the horror and science fiction genre… But I don’t, and no one here at Hell In Space supports the bigotry, racism, and hatred that is currently being promoted as acceptable by the current administration running this country!

And so I have decided that instead of promoting hatred, bigotry and racism… I have decided that for awhile, I am going to be doing some articles for this site that promotes inclusiveness, harmony, community… And USA For Africa – We Are The World is a great song for this!

The song was written during a time when Africa was going through a racist bigoted time… When the South African society, and government not only supported racisim, bigotry and hatred… But was being condemned internationally!

Michael Jackson and a large group of performers at this time, including: Lionel Ritchie, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Tina Turner, Billy Joel, and so much more, and they created this temporary band to for this song… This song is an amazingly powerful song, and an amazing powerful message… But you know what? Instead of hearing me talk about it, why not listen to it!