What Scares Freddy Kruger? Freddy’s Nightmares – Horror On The Small Screen

For most people that are new to the awesomeness that is this truly epic horror movie franchise… The, ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’ franchise has had a long and illustrious history (Yes, I said it, so what?)  This franchise was what made, ‘New Line Cinema’ the power house film studio that it is today!

It helped bring to legendary status, people like, ‘Healther Langenkamp’ (who played: Nancy Thompson in 3 of the Nightmare On Elm Street films.) It also launched Robert Englund (Strangeland) in to Super Stardom!

And in many of the efforts for New Line to capatalize on the fame of their massive successful franchise, one the things that New Line would do, would be to do things like, ‘Merchandising’, ‘Music Videos’ and even a TV series!

And I thought you guys who saw the show might enjoy this walk down memory lane, and for those who have never seen it, I thought that you might enjoy something newish and fresh from this amazing movie series!