Why CBS Needs To Bring Star Trek Discovery To The Rest Of The World!

So as a trekkie, I have to admit that I am really happy to have Star Trek back on TV… Don’t get me wrong… I have enjoyed the reboot movies and the sequels for the most part… Having Star Trek back on TV is pretty awesome!

But there is only one problem… The new show, ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ happens to only be on the new streaming network that CBS setup for itself… And if you are like me, you are going to find that incredibly unfortunate! Because if you are like me, then the only thing you are going to watch on their new streaming service is the new Star Trek show!

In a world where literally everyone is setting up their own streaming services… Having Star Trek: Discovery on their streaming service is going to suck… And I will tell you why!

Honestly, in a few years there are going to be so many streaming services that all of them are going to be like CBS is! For me… I am not going to pay $10 dollars a month for the one series that I want to watch… That is why I would recommend to them that they do, like what they have done with the rest of their, ‘Star Trek series’, and for the most part used to do with their movies… And license it to Netflix!

If they do that, Netflix has a ton of great series, and is more than well worth the $11 dollars I pay each month for it! And I think most people would agree with that! Well if they brought Star Trek: Discovery over to Netflix… and brought their movies back to Netflix… I guarentee that CBS would more than make up the money that they lost!

I hope that they see this, and that the people over at Neflix do take my recommendation… If to many streaming services are created… The companies that own the rights to shows will begin to loose money… And like Star Trek: Discovery… People will loose the chance to see some great TV!