Wonder Woman: Season 1 – Episode 1 (1975) – TV Episode Review

Ok… So for most of you in the modern day… You probably recognize Gal Gadot (Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice) as the most current rendition of, ‘Wonder Woman’… And you know what? That is cool!

I have heard that she did a good job in the role… I haven’t seen it myself, but I have heard that Gal did a great job in the role… But for me, I have kind of gotten in to watching the original live action Wonder Woman, with Lynda Carter (Mike Hammer: Murder Takes All)!

And you know what? I have to say that the work that Lynda Carter did in that show was pretty awesome, and I would not be surprised if this rendition of Wonder Woman is one of the shows that helped inspire an entire generation of female super heroes, from: ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’, through, ‘Supergirl’ And the first episode I have to say was pretty awesome!

Written by: Stanley Ralph Ross (Batman) & Directed by: Leonard Horn (Hijack!). Starring: Lynda Carter, Lyle Waggoner (Murder Weapon), Red Buttons (The Posiedon Adventures), Stella Stevens (The Ballad Of Cable Hogue) & Eric Braeden (Death Screen).

“I can avoid that bullet faster than you can shoot, Mr. Norman.” – A quote from the pilot episode for, ‘Wonder Woman’ (1975)!

You see this awesome TV Movie tells the story about how the Nazi’s try to destroy Steven Trevor when he is over the bermuda triangle… And when he is in the middle of a dog fight with a Nazi fighter pilot… Steve is shot down and ends up crash landing on Paradise Island!

Now Paradise Island is an Island with magical properties that has allowed everyone to live there as immortals since the time of the Greek Empire…

Princess Diana as she is in contest to see who will take Steve Trevor back to the U.S.

When Steve crash lands there, he is taken care of by the women on the island… And the Princess Diana (Played by: Lynda Carter) is tasked in bringing back Steve Trevor when he is well enough and insinuating herself in to American culture, and helping fight the Nazi’s, so that the threat does not eventually end up on Paradise Island!

Now what makes this episode so great… Well it is a fun episode… What makes this episode so great is the fact that it introduces Steve Trevor (Played by: Lyle Waggoner) and Wonder Woman, in a fun and fullfilling sort of way that sets up the rest of the series pretty nicely!

Check it out! I think you might like it!