X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse (1994) – Video Game Review

Wolverine taking on the, ‘X-Men’!

Ok, so until I recently did a video game blog where I mentioned this (for more information on that blog, please click here:) But, before writing that blog, I had actually forgotten about this game…

But before Marvel decided to make the, ‘Avengers’ their number one vehicle in both movies and video games, as well as Netflix shows… X-Men was Marvel’s comic book series of choice!

Now part of the change may have something to do with the fact that Fox is currently in control of the franchise… But the truth is, is in the 1990s Marvel released a ton of amazing media for X-Men, including a TV show that rivaled the first couple of seasons of Batman: The Animated Series… As well as some great video games!

And X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse (1994) is one of them!

Developed and Published by Capcom for the Super NES… This awesome game told one of the earliest animated action stories regarding the X-Men and their attempts to stop the, ‘Sentinels’ and their benefactors that are being controlled by Apocalypse and his goons!

After that though, Magneto’s attempt to destroy Genosha from his Space Station, and the X-Men are supposed to stop him!

The fact of the matter, is there was a certain type of beat-em up platform that was essentially used by most of this genre of video games back then… The truth is… Is it was pretty freakin awesome! But platform wise, it has not changed much from, ‘Double Dragon’ to, ‘Streets Of Rage’!

But the stories are great, getting to have a more mobile and clear X-Men character was great… Frankly, this video game is pretty awesome, and if you have the chance to give this game a try, I highly recommend doing so… It is a ton of fun! I liked it, and I really do think you might like it as well!