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2047: Virtual Revolution (2016) – Sci-Fi Movie Review

So I have always been a little bit overwhelmingly pedantic when it comes to how I determine which movies to review… And so I was always trying to do so in such a way as to make my movie reviews more chronological… But this time I have decided to just let it come naturally!

And so far I have been pretty happy with the results… I have found some great horror and science fiction movies on Hulu that I never would have thought to check out!

A great example (review to come) is the movie that I am currently watching, Flight 666 (2018)… I have only gotten in the the first half hour of the film, and I have to say that I am really quite impressed!

And another one that I have to say that I have found that I am quite impressed with is the movie: 2047: Virtual Revolution (2016)!

Written & Directed by: Guy-Roger Duvert (Eyeborgs). Starring: Mike Dopud (X-Men: Days Of Future Past), Jane Badler (V: The Final Battle), Jochen Hägele (Bitch, Popcorn & Blood), Maximilien Poullein (Come What May) & Kaya Blocksage (As Above, So Below).

Ok, so this movie tells the story of how in the future mankind is very different than in the world that we know of today!

What I mean by that, is that the technological revolution has gone so far that technology has basically won, and almost all of mankind spend all of their time connected in to a series of virtual reality worlds…. And don’t seem to care anymore about the real world!

In alot of respects, those that are left are trying to protect those that are in the system… Or are just not connected at all!

One of the bounty hunters in one of the virtual reality worlds.

In comes, ‘Nash’ (Played by: Mike Dopud). Now Nash is a bounty hunter that works for one of the multi-national organizations that runs the various virtual reality worlds.

At this time there is a seperatist movement that is starting to grow with in the system, that wants to free everyone from their idyllic world… And these terrorists have been doing everything they can to free the people from their depedence on the system… Including murder!

And when Nash is contracted to take down this movement… He will start on a journey that will take him in a direction he truly never thought possible!

Nash as he is jacking in to his new world.

Now the truth… This movie is good! It is well thought out, and visually stylish! The acting is a ton of fun as well… And the story… I think could be pretty realistic… But there is one problem!

You see where as this movie is fun… It relies to heavily on it’s very clear influences! What I mean by this, is this movie is very clearly infuenced by both, ‘The Matrix’ and, ‘Blade Runner’…

Both great movies, but still the director relied to heavily on both of those films… I mean the story is basically a film noir version of, ‘The Matrix’ set in a world where you basically replace Harrison Ford (Raiders Of The Lost Ark) with Mike Dopud, and it is basically the same film stylistically!

Despite that though, it is worth checking out! It is a fun one… Even if it is not entirely original!

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